Most Morshead residents will no doubt already be well-versed with the processes of obtaining a parking permit for their vehicle in order to legally park in the street. For those who may be new to the area though, here are some tips on how to apply.

Westminster has zoned parking areas and Morshead Mansions falls within Zone C, which covers Maida Vale and a large part of St. John’s Wood.

In order to qualify for a parking permit, your sole or main residence must be in the area for which you’re applying. For standard residency, there are several forms of proof that you can use, including a property lease agreement, property purchase document, tenancy agreement, mortgage statement, bank or building society agreement, credit card bill, utility bill or inclusion on the council tax register.

You will also need to prove ownership of your vehicle by supplying a copy of the vehicle registration document (V5), a certificate of insurance and the insurance schedule, all showing your current address. Westminster Council will not issue a permit for vehicles that are not insured in Westminster and kept there. If you have more than one vehicle, it is possible to cover up to two, however, only one vehicle can be parked on the street at any time.

A parking permit is usually issued for a period of twelve months and you will need to renew it once that time has elapsed. It’s worth noting that a permit may not be issued if you have three or more unpaid Penalty Charge Notices at Order for Recovery stage and having an issued permit does not guarantee you a parking space. It’s always your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is legally parked and also to ensure that your permit is valid.

Morshead residents are fortunate that the building only occupies one side of the street, whereas parking is available on both, so there are generally plenty of spaces available. If this isn’t the case, you will usually be able to easily find parking spaces in the adjoining streets, such as Grantully Road or Elgin Avenue. Your resident permit will allow you to park in ‘Resident Permit Holders Only’ bays in the zone for which it is issued, it also entitles you to park in ‘paid for’ parking bays without payment for the first and last hours of their controlled times.

There are a few other things to be aware of, for example, you cannot park in ‘suspended’ bays, which can be identified by temporary signs in the relevant areas. Any suspensions will usually be advertised a week or two in advance and it’s always your responsibility to keep an eye out for them. Your vehicle must also be able to ‘fit’ into a space, so if it’s unusually large you will need to seek out more information on the Westminster Council website. Your vehicle must also be roadworthy, if the council considers it not to be it may be towed away.

If for any reason you need to use a temporary courtesy car, you may be able to get temporary cover, which must not exceed 14 days at a time. You may also be able to qualify for a free ‘eco permit’ if your vehicle meets the requirements, further information can be found on the Westminster Council website.

When you first apply, if you’re unable to supply all of the relevant documents straight away, you will usually be issued with a ‘temporary’ permit which will last for 6 weeks, provided that you can supply documents in accordance with the requirements listed on the Westminster Council website.

As of a few months ago, parking permits are no longer being issued in paper format, if you are granted a permit, it will be registered digitally and automatically verified by a traffic warden’s hand-held device when being checked on the street

You should always check on the Council’s website for all the latest rules and regulations regarding parking permits. You can apply for a parking permit online and find all of the official information here –