Any complaints or applications with regard to repairs and other matters should be made in writing to the Landlord.

Tenants, or agents of, should not bring into or take out of the Building any furniture or bulky items between 8pm and 8am.

Tenants, or agents of, or friends using the common parts of the Building should do so as quietly as possible and take special care to close the entrance door and not cause any disturbance or annoyance to other tenants.

The Tenant shall comply with and be bound by any special regulations made by the Landlord relating to the use of any store rooms which are published by notice affixed to the store rooms or handed to the tenant or their agent. Anything left in the store room shall be left at the owner’s risk. Any use of the store rooms shall be a matter of collateral arrangement between the Landlord and the Tenant and shall not be enjoyed as a right other than any right conferred by such arrangement. No items shall be left in the store rooms which may constitute a fire risk and all items shall be kept in an ordered and tidy manner. No stored items should block any access to services, electrical conduits, pipes or other such things that may from time to time need to be accessed for servicing or repair.

It is the Tenant’s responsibility to keep the windows of their property clean.

The Tenant shall not cause or permit any offensive or inflammable materials to collect in the property or do anything which may affect or invalidate any fire insurance in respect of the Building or any part of it or increase the rate of premium of such insurance.

No rags, dirt, rubbish, refuse or other substance shall be inserted into or placed or left in the sinks, baths, lavatories, cisterns or pipes in the property, nor shall any obstruction or blockage be caused other way.

The Tenant shall not use the address of the property or permit the address of the property to be used for the issue of circulars or business announcements of any type.

The Tenant shall not decorate the exterior of the property or leave personal items on the balconies or fire escapes. The Tenant shall not hang or expose any clothes or other articles outside the property or in or upon any part of the building. No flower pots, boxes or other like object shall be placed outside the property except where provided by the Landlord.

The Tenant shall not place or allow to be placed any show board, name bill placard, advertisement, drawing or notice of any description upon any external parts of the Building nor place any article in any of the windows or on the window sills which is visible from the outside of the Building and which in the opinion of the Landlord is unsightly.

The Tenant shall not erect outside the Building or permit to project outside the Building any wireless or television aerial satellite dish or other obstruction, nor do or permit to be done anything to the external walls of the Building which will alter the appearance of the Building.

The Tenant shall not keep in the Building or any part of the Building any dog, animal, bird or pet if the Landlord objects to the keeping of it and shall not cause or permit any such dog, animal, bird or pet to enter the garden.

No musical instrument, television, radio, loudspeaker or mechanical or other noise-making device of any kind shall be played or used and no singing shall be practiced in the property so as to cause nuisance or annoyance to the owners, tenants and occupiers of any other flats in the Building or surrounding Buildings so as to be audible outside the property between the hours of 10pm and 8am.

The Tenant shall not waste water or permit water to be wasted in the property or Building and shall take adequate steps to protect pipes within the property from freezing.

The Tenant shall not leave or permit to be left any perambulator buggy or bicycle or other vehicle furniture, toy, bottle box or other thing or deposit or permit to be deposited any goods, parcel, case, refuse, litter or any other thing in or upon the entrances, staircases, landings and passages or any other part of the Building.

The Tenant shall not permit or suffer his children or the children of any visitors, servants or employees to play upon the staircases or landings of the Building.

The Tenant shall not cause or permit any mats or other materials to be shaken out of the windows or doors of the property and shall not throw rubbish or anything whatsoever or permit it to be thrown out of any window.

The Tenant shall at all times cover and keep covered with carpet and underlay the floors of the property other than those of the kitchen and bathroom and at all times suitably and properly cover and keep covered the floors of the kitchen and bathrooms in the property.

The Tenant shall observe all further rules and regulations which the Landlord may deem necessary or expedient for the safety, care or cleanliness of the Building or any part of it or for securing the comfort and convenience of all the tenants in the Building and may make at any time and from time to time in addition to or substitution for these rules or any of them PROVIDED that no such additional or substituted rules and regulations shall subject the tenant to any unusual or unreasonable burden.


As with most London residential areas, Morshead Mansions will occasionally be targeted by opportunist thieves. Please be vigilant at all times and follow the simple rules below :

Please ensure that the front doors to the blocks are closed at all times, when you enter or leave the building be sure to close the doors securely behind you. Please also ensure that tradesmen working in your flat do not leave the doors propped open. If you notice any issues with the door closing mechanisms, please inform the building management as soon as possible.

Keys to the front doors are available from the building management, please contact them for more information.

Please do not allow entry to the blocks to anyone not known to you. If you see any suspicious activity around the building, please inform the Police on 101.

If using the communal gardens, please ensure that the gate closes behind you. If inviting friends to join you, please ask them to do the same, do not leave the gate propped open, instead ask them to contact you once they have arrived in order to gain entry.

Fire Prevention

The communal areas of the blocks, including the entrance, must be kept clear of all personal belongings at all times, including bikes, push chairs, prams, footwear, children’s toys, plants and any other general items, as the main escape route is via the stairways and the front door. Please note, any items left in the communal areas may be removed and disposed of without notice.

Please ensure that any courier deliveries are collected as soon as they are delivered and not left in the hallways.

The communal areas and stairways are fitted with smoke detectors, residents are not permitted to tamper with these.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all wiring in your flat meets the latest regulations, all sockets and appliances should be tested regularly to ensure that they are compliant. Please be considerate and vigilant within your flat to ensure that electrical sockets aren’t overloaded, combustible materials and kept away from heaters and naked flames are not left unattended.

Smoking is not permitted in any communal areas or within your flat, including the balcony or roof areas.

Air B&B

Please note, subletting your flat for use as an Air B&B or any similar purpose is not permitted in any of the Morshead Mansions flats.


Due to the nature of mansion block living and the ease with which noise travels between flats, if not managed considerately this is something that can easily cause tensions between neighbouring residents.

It is the responsibility of all residents to ensure that noise is kept to a minimum, especially between the hours of 10pm to 8am. Please be aware that flats in Morshead Mansions are generally not particularly well sound-proofed and noise travels easily above and below your flat as well as to the neighbouring blocks.

In particular, noise from personal sound systems, TVs and kitchen appliances can often be heard by neighbours if not kept to reasonable levels. Please be aware of this and be considerate of when you use items such as vacuum cleaners and washing machines, i.e. try to use them during the day and not late into the evenings.

Due to the nature of the height and layout of Morshead Mansions and the neighbouring Wymering Mansions, conversations on the rear balconies or in the communal gardens tend to be amplified due to the ‘echo’ effect of the two buildings, so please be especially considerate in these areas. Likewise, during summer months when windows tend to be open, noise will travel much further than usual, so please be considerate when talking or preparing food near to open windows.

When entertaining visitors in your flat, please ensure that they arrive and leave in a considerate manner, especially late at night, keeping noise to a minimum.

Where noise issues arise, the first thing to do is to try to resolve them amicably. If this course of action fails and noise continues, you can contact Westminster’s 24 hr noise team on 020 7641 2000. As a rule, the building management does not usually become involved in noise disputes unless they involve a breach of the lease or the flat that the noise is originating from is tenanted and the leaseholder needs to be notified.

Communal Garden

Morshead Mansions is very fortunate to have a spacious garden area to the rear which it shares with the neighbouring Wymering Mansions. The garden is well maintained and the planting and shrubbery which has been well orchestrated over several years is now mature and welcoming. Access to the garden requires a key, please contact the building management if you require one.

The garden area is for the use of all residents, and friends when invited, please ensure that anyone using the space does so with consideration for other residents. You are responsible for any invited guests, please ensure that anyone you bring in adheres to the rules of use at all times. Noise in the garden area travels easily to flats in both Morshead Mansions and Wymering Mansions, please be considerate and keep it to a minimum while using the garden, especially in summer months. The playing of music in the gardens is not permitted. The garden should be vacated by 10pm in consideration of residents that may be trying to sleep.

Residents taking children into the gardens should wait until after 9am during the week and 10am at weekends, to give other residents a chance for undisturbed rest. At other times, please be considerate and try to ensure that your children don’t make excessive noise. You’re welcome to take children’s toys into the garden but you must bring them back in with you when leaving. Please supervise your children at all times and please ensure that they don’t play in and disturb the planted areas.

Barbecues are permitted in the garden, however, please be aware that not everybody is keen on the smell and it does tend to travel up and into other resident’s flats, so please try to keep them to a minimum. Once you are done, you must clear up and leave the area as you found it. Please do not put disposable barbecues on the grass areas.

The garden tables and chairs are for everyone’s use, if you move them around, please return them to their original positions before you leave.

Please be aware that dogs are not permitted in the garden at any time.

Waste Removal and Recycling

It is your responsibility to dispose of all rubbish from your flat, which should be put into black bin bags and placed in the large black bins on the opposite side of the road by the entrance to Paddington Recreation Ground.

Recycling is collected once a week on Monday mornings. Please ensure that your recycling is in a clear recycling bag and placed outside your block by 8am on a Monday. At any other times, recycling can be disposed of in the black recycling bins on the opposite side of the street by the entrance to Paddington Recreation Ground. Recycling bags are available from the building management, please email for supplies.

TV Aerials and Satellite Dishes

Please note that there is a communal TV aerial and satellite dish receiver which serve the whole street. Anyone wishing to obtain a connection can arrange to do so by talking to the building management. Individual TV aerials and satellite dishes are not permitted anywhere outside the building.