Morshead Mansions is very fortunate to have a spacious garden area to the rear which it shares with the neighbouring Wymering Mansions. The garden is well maintained and the planting and shrubbery which has been well orchestrated over several years is now mature and welcoming. Access to the garden requires a key, please contact the building management if you require one.

The garden area is for the use of all residents, and friends when invited, and is a major asset to the building. All are welcome, however, we would ask that anyone using the space does so with consideration for other residents. Because of the height of both buildings, sound can tend to echo and be amplified, meaning that the surrounding flats can easily be disturbed by excessive noise, especially in the summer months when most residents will have their windows open.

We would ask that residents taking children into the gardens wait until after 9am during the week and 10am at weekends, to give other residents a chance for undisturbed rest. At other times, please be considerate and try to ensure that your children don’t make excessive noise. You’re welcome to take children’s toys into the garden but please bring them back in with you when leaving. Please supervise your children at all times and please ensure that they don’t play in and disturb the planted areas.

If you are using the garden into the evenings, especially in the summer months, please try to keep noise to a minimum and aim to vacate the garden by 10.30pm so that other residents can sleep peacefully if they retire early, as sound tends to travel even more at night.

Barbecues are permitted in the garden, however, please be aware that not everybody is keen on the smell and it does tend to travel up and into other resident’s flats, so please try to keep them to a minimum. Once you are done, please also clear up and leave the area as you found it. Please do not put disposable barbecues on the grass areas.

The garden tables and chairs are for everyone’s use and have proven very popular since they arrived, so please enjoy them but if you move them around, please return them to their original positions before you leave.

Please be aware that unfortunately, dogs aren’t permitted in the garden.