Part of the charm of buying a Victorian Maida Vale mansion block flat is that they usually come with a host of original features, which for many people can add a lot to making them an attractive choice. However, since they were first built in the early 1900’s, the way that people live has evolved to the point where the original layouts of these flats may no longer completely suit their needs.

For example, kitchen areas have become far more important, with many people now treating them as the heart of the home and the place where they tend to spend most time, an abundance of natural light is now widely thought to have positive effects on our overall wellbeing and many flat owners are now working from home, re-purposing extra bedrooms as ad-hoc office space.

It’s important to remember that work of any kind, even on a maintenance level, needs to be undertaken by tradesmen who are properly qualified to do the job. It’s also worth bearing in mind that no structural changes are permitted in Morshead Mansions and any alterations that involve major works or changes to the layout of your flat will need to be agreed by the building management before they take place.

That being said, there are many examples in Morshead of flats that have been refurbished to an exceptional standard and achieving this, along with the general upturn of demand for people looking to buy flats in the street, will significantly add to the overall value of your property. So, when considering materials, layout, furnishings and decoration style, it’s worth taking time to think it through carefully.

If you’re buying a flat that’s in need of renovation, or simply thinking of freshening up your existing living environment, there’s a lot to consider when making decisions on design choices. Ultimately, what you do will depend on your personal tastes but if you’re looking for some inspiration, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are far more resources available nowadays to help you conjure up some fresh ideas and it’s well-worth investigating some of them to get some perspective.

The first place that that’s worth spending some time viewing are the myriad of home style programmes available on TV. From the days in years gone by when the only show on TV was changing Rooms, with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Handy Andy, nowadays it seems as though there are home renovation programmes on every channel, such as Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud, Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr and a whole host of programmes featuring George Clarke.

Recently re-aired on Channel 4 was an episode of ‘George Clarke’s Old House New Home’, which features the full renovation of a flat in neighbouring Southwold Mansions. Throughout the episode, the kitchen was re-worked and replaced, along with the bathroom. All other areas were redecorated while restoring original features where possible.

If you’d like to see the full renovation, it’s available at Channel 4 Online, Season 6, Episode 4 and on demand through the usual TV services. It gives a good idea of what renovating a Maida Vale mansion block flat is like and some of the hazards that you might encounter along the way. It also includes some great ideas and tips for good use of space.

Another great resource is the wealth of information that’s available online, with a wide selection of interior design websites, blogs and online magazines.

Below are a selection of sites that are full of interesting ideas, complete with links that will take you to the features. Just click on the links below the images to see more…