Now that Summer’s officially with us, we’re starting to see beautiful colours popping up all around Maida Vale, both in Morshead Road and the surrounding area.

Each year, the window boxes that adorn the front of Morshead Mansions start to flower and they’re beginning to look particularly lovely as the weather heats up.

The communal gardens at the rear of Morshead Mansions is a relaxing space for residents to enjoy all year round.

With the arrival of Summer, a variety of colours start to appear, making the space even more enjoyable to spend time in.

As always, we’d ask anyone using the communal garden with their children to take care not to damage the planted areas.

The garden is for everyone to socialise or relax in, if using barbeques please be considerate and clear up after use.

Fortunately for Morshead residents, Paddington Recreation Ground is just opposite and is a wonderful resource. At this time of year colour starts to sprout up here too.

The park has recently been undergoing improvements to the pathways and amenities and the secluded gardens are beginning to fill with a variety of colours.

On the other side of Elgin Avenue from Morshead Road is Le Cochonnet, a long-established bar and reataurant and a handy place to spend some time with friends. The beautiful hanging baskets on the outside are looking quite splendid!

We’re also fortunate in our surrounding area that Westminster Council take the time and effort to add and maintain an abundance of hanging baskets attached to the street lights. This certainly adds to the appeal of our neighbourhood.

If you’re thinking of adding some floral colour to your flat, why not take a short walk or drive down to Little Venice and visit Clifton Nurseries?

This beautiful garden centre is awash with colour at the moment, with all types and varieties of flowers. They also have a lovely cafe to while away some time.

We hope that you’re able to get out into the local area to explore what’s on offer soon.

In the meantime, we wish everyone a long and enjoyable summer!