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May Bank Holiday Canal Boat Cavalcade

The IWA May Bank Holiday Canal Boat Cavalcade

If you’re looking for something to do this coming May Bank Holiday, why not take a walk down to Little Venice and Paddington Basin to experience the annual Inland Waterways Association Canal Boat Cavalcade?

The upturn of sale prices in Morshead Mansions

Sale prices in Morshead Mansions are on the up!

I’m writing today in order to draw your attention to recent movements in market values in Maida Vale and their impact on the value of Morshead Mansions flat in particular.

In recent years, flat sales in London have been erratic. While there was steady growth following the recession of 2007-2008, the last 4 or 5 years have been a lot harder to predict.

Paddington Recreation Ground

THe bandstand at Paddington Recreation Ground, opposite Morshead Mansions

Morshead residents are very fortunate to live opposite Paddington Recreation Ground. Not only does it provide a lovely vista to look out onto, but it also has a wealth of recreational facilities to take advantage of…

Morshead Mansions 2023 AGM

The Morshead Mansions 2023 AGM

The Morshead Mansions Ltd. 2023 Annual General Meeting will take place at 6.30pm on Thursday 28th December. The meeting will be held in Selbourne House, Ground Floor, 36A Elgin Avenue, W9 3AZ

Rear Drainage Works

Contractors working on the new drainage system at the rear of Morshead Mansions

In case you’ve been wondering why there is currently work taking place to the rear of the building, read on for all the details…

Parking Permits for Morshead Mansions

Morshead Mansions falls within Zone C

Most Morshead residents will no doubt already be well-versed with the processes of obtaining a parking permit for their vehicle in order to legally park in the street. For those who may be new to the area though, here are some tips on how to apply…